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If you could have a conversation with 13 million people passing by your front door every year, what would you say?

Answering that question has been one of the joyous challenges faced by YWAM Amsterdam over the last four decades.

Delivering a message of hope is one reason why in the early 1980s we placed signs at the YWAM building opposite Amsterdam Central station declaring “Jesus Loves You” and God’s Roept U “God Calls You”.

But a sign is more a conversation starter than a conversation. 

So since the 80s we’ve sent out thousands of missionaries to work in the city and across the globe. Our big challenge though in this coming year is how to open up the doors to more of parts of our buildings in this great city to our neighbors and our friends but also to the millions of travelers and seekers of refuge who visit this city.

...and the first building we want to open up more of is that famous “Jesus loves you” building which we call Samaritans Inn. 

During 2018 we plan to renovate this building to create a new shop and creative venue which people can walk in to from the street, a lecture space and discussion salon where people can find out more about faith and its role in society and a Christian library for those who want to delve deeper in to all these issues. 

To make this happen and update this building so that it is fit to be open to the public we are hoping to join with three groups of people...people who will volunteer to help us renovate these spaces, people who can contribute to the 70,000 euro we think is necessary to make the buildings safe and beautiful places for visitors and people who will join our teams of working in the projects themselves. 

Because most importantly this is about people - about artists once again discovering the themes that inspired Rembrandt and Vangogh, local leaders and visitors alike learning about the Biblical ideas that led to the human rights movement, Christians being equipped as servant leaders and those who walk past this building looking for love in the red light area finding love in a totally different way.

We want to ask you to consider being part of this vision - join with us in opening up the doors.

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