The Cleft

The Cleft is a ministry with the purpose to reach the city of Amsterdam with the beautiful message of Jesus Christ. The team partners with the Lord and is dependent on Him to discover new, creative ways to be a light to the city. 

The team currently has multiple ways that they are reaching out to city, these being:

Hidden Treasures: 
Monday and Friday evenings, the team is reaching out to the men and women who live on the streets of our city.  They serve coffee, tea, cake, and bananas to be a blessing and create open doors to share with them about Jesus. The team has had several opportunities to pray with people and as a result, God has touched people with His healing power.

Ladies Ministry: 
The Ladies Ministry is devoted to using the gospel to reach out to the women working in prostitution in the Red Light District. They offer them coffee, tea, and cookies and over time build personal, lasting relationships.

Prodigals Ministry: 
At night, the Prodigals Ministry hits the streets to share the gospel with drug dealers around the Red Light District. They initiate conversations centred around Jesus Christ and share with them the powerful truth that their true identity is found in God. They also encourage them to invite Jesus in as the Lord of their lives.

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