The Tabernacle

The vision of The Tabernacle is to minister to the Lord and support global missions through intercession, worship and other creative expressions, together with people of all nations.

Their aim is to create a dwelling place where the Lord is adored and worshipped day and night. They believe that God’s presence will bring a shift in the spiritual atmosphere of the Red Light district, drawing women out of prostitution and setting pimps free.

They support evangelism in the city through prayer and stand in the gap for global missions. Their desire is to see people from different churches come to pray and see revival come in Amsterdam and beyond.

​The Tabernacle comes together in times of intercession, worship, singing from God’s word, meditating on the Bible and spending time in His presence. They believe in the power of prayer and worship, trusting the Lord for a great harvest and they stand in faith for Him to bring justice on the earth.

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