YWAM Trentino

The first members of our new team arrived in Italy in May 2018. Since then we have been working hard on what we have called the ‘groundwork.’ We are spending a lot of time in prayer and worship, learning about the culture and the needs, building relationship with others in the body of Christ and doing lots and lots of prep work, mainly in these three areas:
  • Setting up YWAM Trentino as an officially recognised non-profit in Italy
  • Finding ways to be able to apply for visas for our staff so that we can have a growing international team
  • Finding a property that would serve us as we take these first steps of pioneering.
As time progresses we have come to understand more about how key this last point is during this stage of pioneering. At the moment we have been unable to find even a rental place that is big enough for our family, imagine for a growing team! We’ve had multiple occasions that we’ve had over 12 people stay in our 3 bedroom apartment, which is a 20 minute mountain pass drive from where God spoke to us to be: Arco, Trentino in Italy. We’ve had to turn down several teams for outreaches and other activities because of a lack of space and the impracticality of remoteness.

While we have been ‘spying the land’ we have come across a few different properties that could serve our growing ministry in years to come. The options aren’t many, and we feel a growing eagerness to take the next step in obedience to The Lord.

Even though the picture is not completely clear yet, we have enough understanding of the situation to say we should count on an amount of 1.5 million Euros to be raised to get us started on one of the properties in the city that God has called us to. As one of our advisors has said multiple times, we have done our “due diligence” in finding out about the possibilities and it is time to start raising funds.

The situation described in the letter “Launch YWAM Trentino” is one that we are currently negotiating, but it is still a hypothetical situation. However, we feel God is leading us to start raising funds for this or a different property for YWAM Trentino. For this reason we are opening a ‘Launch Fund’ to help us get started. We believe God spoke to us specifically to ask for supporters that are willing to create a matching fund. With this letter we are inviting you into partnership in what God is doing in and through Italy. Would pray and ask God what you can give to our Launch Fund so that we can take these first steps in faith and see God move in this beautiful nation?

It is time for a growing and thriving team in this incredible part of Italy called Trentino, a vibrant YWAM community of young people who love Jesus passionately and are committed to knowing God and making Him known through Evangelism, Training and Mercy Ministries.

Thank you for your involvement and support,

Rianne & Reinier Blijleven

YWAM Trentino

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